Scratch Off World Map – Track Your Travels

The scratch off world map is the perfect addition to your home because it’s an excellent display piece that shows off your travels to your friends and family.  It’s an genius way to track all of your travels.

Simply scratch off the countries you’ve been to with a coin or the pick that is included.  Each country has its own scratching surface so you can get down into detail.

scratch off world map close up

The scratch off world map comes with several extras to make your map complete

This map comes complete with a comfortable and accurate scratching tool that lets you scratch off the filings with ease.  It also has an eraser that lets you erase scratching smudges to look extra neat.

A marker is included to mark travel moments with memory stickers.  It even comes with a magnifying glass to enlarge smaller details.
scratch off world map uses

The scratch off world map is the perfect picture frame hang up

The map is also great for hanging up on the wall.  Grab a nice and luxurious picture frame and put it in the map.  When you want to update it, just take it down and scratch away.
scratch off world map featured


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