SwiftPoint ProPoint: The Last Thing You Need For Presentations

The Swiftpoint Propoint is probably One of the best things that has ever happened to business presentations. This one is an all in one Bluetooth mouse and presenter that all business oriented individuals should have in their pockets.

This item is perfect for traveling and it is compatible with all kinds of technology is available. With the perfect ergonomic pen grip, every individual would definitely enjoy using this during presentations.

Get To Know The Swiftpoint Propoint 

This presenter and mouse will bring back all of the fun and happiness that a person would want in presenting products, items, and everything else in between. 

Swiftpoint Propoint
  • It has a battery life of up to 4 weeks on a full charge. If you are travelling or know someone who is travelling, this part can be a good gift for travelers because it ensures that the carrier can travel for long periods of time without worrying about his battery life.
  • It also has rapid charging capability which allows it to give you one hour of use with just thirty seconds worth of charging.
  • The product can be charged with a USB Charger and through a wireless receiver. 
  • It uses gesture technology as well.
  • There is a compact pen-grip design that comes with the system so the user will be sure that he has the most comfortable mouse on the market. 
  • It uses Bluetooth technology with an updated firmware for improved reliability.
  • It also uses a new optical sensor which uses a 1800 DPI higher accuracy that operates on more surfaces.

The Gestures of Swiftpoint Propoint 

Swiftpoint Propoint

As a presenter and mouse, this comes with the precise needs of the individual. It comes with common uses such as the following:

There is a Tilt and Flick function.

With this function, the individual can use individual office programs like Word and Excel and make sure that he uses tilt gestures so one can effortlessly flick up and down and even left or right. 

Design programs may also use this mouse since it can use Illustrator and Photoshop as well. This function may also be used on some popular modeling programs that use tilt-gestures to effortlessly rotate, zoom and pan.

There is also a third mouse button that is easy to use and make sure that the individual would maximize all of its functions.

If you are looking for the right travel companion, the Swiftpoint Propoint is the best one to have.


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