Rens—World’s First Waterproof Shoe Made From Coffee

Coffee is the sweet nectar of busy adults. While it is well known for its multiple benefits and antioxidant properties, little do most people know that it works great for your feet, too. Yep, you’ve read that right! Introducing the first-ever shoes made from coffee grounds, Rens.

With Rens—the world’s first waterproof shoe made from coffee— you can flex your fashionable yet eco-friendly shoes to the world. The shoes let you enjoy comfort and elegance without the worry of producing more carbon footprints.

Brewing New Ideas with Rens

Keeping up with the latest trends every season is a huge challenge. Thus, the team behind Rens decided to step up their game and create something from a material no one else has ever tried before. After months of brainstorming and research (probably while binging on coffee), they had a brilliant idea. Their team came up with the marvelous idea of producing shoes from used coffee grounds!

Coffee grounds have been used for household and cleaning purposes., so who knew they’d make a great component for shoes?

Rens Keep Your Feet Smelling Fresh

Everyone has had that one pair of shoes that won’t stop smelling bad, no matter how many times you attempt to wash them. With the Rens, you don’t need to worry about continuous cleaning every now and then as its antimicrobial properties will be the ones to handle the dirty work.

And here’s another thing, these shoes are still comfortable enough to wear even if you don’t use socks. Because they’re moisture-wicking and fast-drying, your feet won’t smell terrible even if you sweat.

Rens are Stylish on the Eyes, Rough on the Roads

A little skeptic if these shoes are going to last on the go? You’d be surprised to experience how sturdy yet comfortable they are! Whether it’s on dry, rough terrain or the wet puddles on the way home,  these babies will serve you well. And they look great with any outfit, too.

Available in 9 different styles and colors, you can choose from a wide selection that will surely match your taste. Style shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for the sake of durability. Trust us, we know.

It can last against sand, concrete, sunny or rainy days. Rens will ensure you only experience the best of the best regardless of where you step. You don’t need to buy multiple shoes for multiple kinds of weather. If you owned a pair of Rens, you can feel the difference!

Rens Believes Mother Earth Matters

Leave your footprints on earth but never carbon ones.

Majority of today’s shoes are made from plastic and other harmful, toxic ingredients. And they take forever to decompose after disposal, too. Users can experience maximum comfort and stability while caring for the planet with Rens.

One of its greatest highlights is its ecofriendly features and how it is made 101% free from animal cruelty. Considering that it is made out of 60% biodegradable and recycled materials (coffee AND recycled plastic bottles), you can guarantee that the World’s First Waterproof Shoes Made From Coffee care for you and the environment.

Show your feet AND Mother Earth some love. Get a pair today.


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