Superscreen – Browse Your Mobile Phone On A Large Display

The Superscreen allows you to browse your phone on a giant 10.1″ display which is larger than most tablets.  The speed and design make this invention give tablets a run for their money.

Pair it with your iPhone or Android device and start seeing your phone’s screen on the Superscreen.  The resolution scales up perfectly.

Superscreen Phone Screen Enlarger uses

Superscreen Phone Screen Enlarger 4x display

The Superscreen is a huge rival to all tablet devices

This device may get rid of tablets for good.  The size and shape mimic a conventional tablet and it comes with a camera, head phone jack, volume buttons and speakers.

It’s designed to be extremely portable and thin so you can take it with you on the go or traveling.  The overall weight is very light compared to its competitors.

Superscreen Phone Screen Enlarger tech specs

It uses usb-c giving it cutting edge speed.  The battery life is amazing and it also uses touch recognition technology to complement your Touch ID.

Use Superscreen for your daily tasks

Superscreen is perfect for doing everything you normally do on your phone or tablet.  It’s perfect for casual gaming, online shopping, online news, videos, apps etc.

Superscreen Phone Screen Enlarger uses

We know most people will be wondering about the compatibility of this product.  It works for iPhone and Android right now which pretty much covers most of the population.

One of the best things about the Superscreen is that there are no monthly contracts or server costs.  It just uses your existing mobile data or wifi connection.

Superscreen Phone Screen Enlarger

This is a huge step forward to making personal computing come to life.  With everything on your phone, being able to access it through tablet will definitely give a lot of uses for technology users.


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