Zing is the best night light ever made because it is powered by artificial intelligence and also smart features that make your home amazing.  It’s more than just your standard ugly-looking night light, Zing brings a beautiful luxurious look to your home while adding a ton of smart features.

Zing is way more than just a colorful night light

Sure, this night light has amazing colors and looks way better than your traditional night light, but that’s not all!  This new night light has several features that add to your smart home devices.

Zing has it’s own tracking system that lets you locate just about any bluetooth device in your home.  It also has motion sensors to activate it’s pathway lighting.  This means that when you get up out of bed during the night, Zing will detect that motion and light your entire pathway for you.

zing bluetooth tracking

zing night pathing

Zing has a full blown mobile app to help you control these awesome features

The mobile app that Zing offers will blow you away.  It has tons of colors to choose from and also tons of configurations that really make all of it’s features shine.

It links up with your mobile device to notify you of incoming event notifications such as calls or text messages.  When you get a call, imagine the zing lighting up and letting you know that an incoming call is coming.

zing smartphone control

zing event notification




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