Bedchill – The Overbed Table

Introducing the Bedchill, a piece of furniture that might change your life in bed This world’s first connected overbed rolling table will make your bed more cozy and functional than ever

BedChill Let’s You Do Anything You Want Right from Your Bed

If you love working and relaxing in your bed, the Bedchill is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you do anything in your bed: work, read, game, or watch TV. It’s the first connected overbed rolling table—you can do whatever you need to do without leaving the comfort of your bed!

Bedchill is made with the future in mind by modernizing your bedroom and improving your comfort in it.  To maximize both comfort and functionality, the Bedchill has integrated 4 power outlets and 2 USB ports for charging devices. It also includes 2 LED color changing lights, integrated Bluetooth stereo speakers, 2 big drawers for extra space—you can organize your belongings without cluttering the top.


This Desk is Adjustable and Multipurpose Design

The height can be adjusted manually to fit all beds from 12 inches high ( = 30cm ), to 30 inches ( = 76 cm ). In fact, it goes so high it can even be used as a standing desk. The Bedchill is available in 3 widths to adapt to most existing beds.

You can also slide the Bedchill away from your bed and put it anywhere in your room to turn it into a classic table, a connected desk, or even a console table.


Are there any alternatives to this bed desk?

There is currently a solid competitor we’ve found on amazon.  It’s a cheaper alternative that doesn’t come with all the cool speakers, chargers etc.  It’s note quite as cool, but for simplistic people or people who don’t want to pay for all those bells and whistles it’s perfect.

In some cases we would prefer having one with out all the crazy stuff.  If you really just need one for your laptop than this is a great solution and you’re also paying almost half the price.  If you really want to purchase an overbed desk that’s a tad bit simpler, buy it her from here.

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