The BedShelfie is a handy little shelf that clamps right to the side of your bed and acts as a shelf to hold your TV remote, your phone while it charges overnight and other bedside essentials.

The BedShelfie can also hold your tablet, a book, your glasses, a light, and other essentials such as tissue paper and lotion. Who needs a night stand that takes up precious floor space when you can have a table that hovers via magic along the side of your bed.

Easy Instant Space-Saving Shelf with BedShelfie!

The BedShelfie clears up floor space while still giving you the ease of a nightstand. No assembly and tools needed. BedShelfie attaches to nearly any bed frame, without tools, using a clamping system with thick felt to prevent scratching.

BedShelfie  safely holds up to 15 pounds of your most important bedside items (13 inch MacBook, phone, iPad, Kindle, remote, water, books) within arm’s reach while you relax. It’s perfect for minimalist people, urbanites, College student, parents and kids.


BedShelfie is Made from Eco-Friendly Material

​Building a sustainable future is absolutely paramount to the makers of BedShelfie . BedShelfie is handcrafted out of Bamboo because even though it’s technically considered a grass, it’s harder than Oak and matures in just 3-5 years (vs 100 years for Oak)… so it’s an incredible renewable resource



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