Best Solar Charger For Mobile Devices – GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery

The best solar charger is finally here and it’s called the GreenLighting Solar Charging Battery. There are no competitors because it is made differently and built for real traveling and outdoor activities.

Solar charging your phone or devices is already an innovative idea, but GreenLighting took it one step further by adding a suction cup and a much heavier duty battery.  GreenLighting Solar Charger is definitely one step ahead in the travel sector.

best solar charger for mobile phone greenlighting

Breaking down the best solar charger

This solar charger is different in it’s competitors because of the sheer fact that it has a suction cup.  This suction cup allows you to stick it on windows while you are on a plane, traveling by train, or just on a long road trip.  Sticking it to a window is much more effective when collecting reusable sunlight.

It also boasts a durable 2000mAh battery which is perfect for charging at night or when there is no sunlight.  Attach the device to an external USB power source and begin charging the battery.

Another great thing about this fantastic charger is that it has quick charge technology so it charges your devices lightning fast.  Unlike cheap competitors, waiting is not an issue when charging your devices.

Check out the video made by GreenLighting to get a better idea of how it works:


Just in case you’re wondering about the compatibility between your devices, the GreenLight Solar Battery Charger supports all devices.  It comes with a multi-threaded all-in-one cable that goes for all devices.  This gives the user the ability to share with friends and family with all devices.  It truly is the perfect traveling gadget ever.

complete best solar charger with all plugs

Any more confusion?  Just check out the full specifications of the best solar charger and find out why it is the perfect purchase for you.


Specifications for best solar charger

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