Electric Scooter For Adults – Ojo Commuter Scooter

Ojo Commuter Scooter is a very practical electric scooter for adults.  It’s the perfect daily transportation that could transport you to town, the beach, or anywhere your heat desires.

Theres no license required to ride one of these and it’s bike-lane friendly.  It’s 100% battery powered so it’s the perfect scooter to use over and over again.

The creators really made this an electric scooter for adults

The way this scooter was designed was for daily portability and an extremely user friendly experience.  With those two things in mind, Ojo really replaces a boring old bike.

This battery operated scooter charges within hours and can plug into any wall outlet.  The average battery life is about 6.5 hours of driving.

One charge on this bike can last 25 miles which can get you pretty far.  The top speed is 20 MPH which is a lot faster than you think.

Ojo Electric Scooter For Adults

It comes with an adjustable seat to fit any size person and weights 65 pounds.  An LCD screen is mounted to the front of the steering wheel to give you up to date info on the bike and also allow you to answer calls.  The brakes are also top quality and last quite a long time.
Ojo Commuter Scooter Electric Scooter For Adults

Portability was important when designing this electric scooter for adults

A patented retractable plug was created on this scooter in order to plug it into any wall outlet and charge it.  This charging mechanism makes it very easy to charge on the go, pretty much anywhere.

Pull the plug out and plug it into a wall outlet so your scooter will begin charging.  After your done, give a quick pull on the cord and it will retract by itself.
Charger Electric Scooter For Adults Ojo

This is the perfect scooter to have if you live near the beach or you want a nice way to transport yourself to the local grocery store.  Scooters are no longer for kids as this could save you thousands a year in gas bills.


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