Emergency Fire Starter Kit – Infinite Match

Survival is extremely important, that’s why this emergency fire starter kit is perfect for all your camping and survival needs.  This pocket keychain gives you access to a powerful flame whenever you need it and works just like a match.

The Emergency Fire Starter Kit is easy to use and can last a life time

The device operates through using kerosine or lighter fluid that is stored inside the chamber.  The match is dipped inside with a wick allowing it to soak up the fluid in order to create a slow burning match.

Once you are ready you can unscrew the match and strike it against the flint to create a powerful and strong flame.  This is perfect for outdoor camping or lighting a barbecue when you don’t have a lighter.

Emergency Fire Starter Kit

The Pocket Emergency Starter Kit is perfect for taking with you everywhere

The fluid never leaks as it as a rubber seal to hold all the fluid inside.  Combined the rubber seal with a screw lid and your liquid is protected from ever falling out of the keychain.

You can easily refill this product whenever you want and you can change the wick if it ever gets too burnt.  It really has the durability to last a life time, so purchasing just one of these should have you set for life.

Emergency Fire Starter Kit

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