Epione is a personal pain reliever that works on-the-go so you can alleviate muscle aches, neck pain, joint pain, wrist pain and much more.  The experience includes instant pain relief that lets you conveniently wear it on you everywhere you go.

How does the Epione work?

This small device utilizes light therapy massage technology that has been researched for over 100 years.  The light therapy increases blood flow to the troubled area and improves blood circulation.  The massage is an added bonus that pulls it all together.

It is very therapeutic, emitting light in a very specific way.  It uses wave lengths of 680nm + 830nm so no drugs or extra medicine is needed.  This is said to relieve pain immediately in the problemed area.

Epione - LTM Technology

What makes the Epione great?

The fact this tiny device is so portable, it makes for a great trinket for you when you are out and about.  If you play sports, it’s perfect to keep in your bag and attach it to your body during action.  It’s also great for the home or office as you can wear it while you work or just hang out.

It goes in a variety of places, so it’s not just for specific pain, it definitely goes for all places like joints, back, arm, wrist and so much more.  It’s also rechargeable so battery is never an issue, you can simply recharge it every day so you get plenty of uses out of it.


Epione pain areas


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