Being able to make presentations and read is easy with Moft X. As a device stand, it is absolutely amazing as it gives value to your money. It is what the professional needs in life. 

If you are looking for a device stand that matters, it is definitely worth your money. The value is seen as an adhesive stand set and it comes with a minimalist design. 

The Moft X Surprise

There is great value in the device. The minimalist tablet design is truly worth the money. 

With that, the specifications of the product are stated in the paragraphs below.

Moft X

It has a minimalist design. The design is stunning if you are looking for something that is barely there and absolutely simple in design. 

For the tablet owner who wants to have a good experience with a barely there design, you would enjoy this. There is something amazing with the way this product is done. 

Moft X

The device also allows a hands-free system. You can lock it and unlock it with a gesture. It is absolutely a relevant nowadays especially if you want to keep a private life.

Moft X

It has an ergonomic fold line. The great thing about it is that it may function perfectly with the way things are done. You may even end up forgetting that it exists. 


The ultrathin design is perfect. The functionality is affected even if it is very thin and light to use. At the size of 5mm or 0.15inch thinness, with a less than 1oz weight, you will not even realize that you have a stand on your phone.

It is also multifunctional as the system comes with a credit card pocket that is absolutely versatile. So, you can carry your phone, have a stand, and still have space for some cards. This part is amazing functionality and beauty in one. 

The whole system is made up of a magnetic sticky pad. The magnetic sticky pad can stick to any surface so you know that you can put it anywhere magnetic.

You can also use it with many different angles and design.

Go For It

If you are a professional, you would enjoy the value that it brings. The Moft X is truly great and instantly stands your device in whatever way you want it. It is minimalist and truly gives your device a good stand. 

$19.99 $16


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