Ferris: The Modular Key Organizer + Wallet to Simplify Your Day

Are you the type of person who keeps forgetting keys, wallets, sunglasses, cellphones and other daily essentials? Do you spend a lot of time finding these items? Do you get frustrated and tired of your daily routine of searching for these things? Ferris, the modular key organizer and wallet, can help.

We know organizing is the key, but hey, being organized takes a lot of remembering to do too! Skip out the frustrations and bid farewell to the habit of wasting time and finding things! Ferris is here to offer you a simple, clever, stylish yet secure way of keeping these day-to-day items.

Ferris: Ultramodern Way of Securing Daily Essentials

Ferris is a magnetic modular system designed to simplify, organize and modernize how we keep and store our on-the-go and everyday essentials. Equipped with MagLock, Ferris offers a secure and simple way of tidying our daily essentials into one compact yet very functional system. 

Each Ferris product is a perfect harmony of security and flexibility. A product of years of innovation and development, Ferris leathergoods are one of a kind and top notch! Made with Cordura nylon which is renowned for its strength and abrasion resistance, you can a have great value for your money with its unmatched strength and durability.

Powered by the powerful neodymium magnets, Ferris products can offer a maximum carrying capacity of more than five (5) pounds. Because of its magnetic system, it is modular, extremely customizable yet very functional. Each item can be stacked, combined, attached and detached to form a unique tool. Add up or lessen it up depending on your liking. Mix and match, find out the best solution that fits your needs and lifestyle!

Ferris Product Line: Functionality, Security and Style Fused Together in One

We know how it feels to constantly forget things we need on a daily basis. We also know the inconveniences brought about by losing a key and a wallet. Never again miss your keys and wallets with these Ferris advanced and modern solutions.

Wallet and keys in one sleek, modern and slim storage? Very well, we got your need.

Designed to securely carry up to six (6) keys, our KeyLoop’s advanced mechanism also allows it to be tightly clipped to bags or pockets.

Maximize your key storage with KeyFolio, a compact yet very powerful product which could house up to ten (10) keys.

Partner up your key storage with ModWallet, equipped with multiple card sleeves and a MoneyClip for cash, it is a neat, secure and certified space-saving way of storing cards and money. Secure it all in your home with the Ferris ModStation, a slim and fashionable magnetic tray that can hold all Ferris items together with your cellphones, sunglasses, notebooks or other on the go items. Made out of premium steel, it boasts a minimalistic and industrial design which is perfect for your doors, walls, or desks.

Do not waste time looking for stuff. Let Ferris secure all your stuff for you!


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