KeySmart – Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer

KeySmart is a compact key holder and keychain organizer that takes your messy cluttered keys and turns it into a nice and neat compact solution. It works for anybody and almost any set of keys which will reduce that ugly bulge in your pocket.

KeySmart is easily assembled, no custom keys needed

This keychain organizer can hold all of your existing keys. Theres no need to head out and get a bunch of special cut keys to fit this organizer. You can add a bunch of keys or just a few keys depending on your daily carry.

You can use a penny or a screw driver to dissemble the device and start adding keys to the organizer. Once you are finished cap it and screw it back in and you’re ready to go.

KeySmart Featured

KeySmart pocket key chain

KeySmart is modular so you can add as many keys as you want or as little as you want

KeySmart is expandable, meaning you can add a bunch of keys or just a few while removing unnecessary bulk. It comes with some washers and spacers that gives you this ability.

You can always purchase more attachments if you feel you want to add more keys, so it can accommodate up to 14 keys on a single organizer. It’s really a great EDC (every day carry) gadget that is affordable and neat.

KeySmart variable sizes
KeySmart car key


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