Livescribe Echo Smartpen – Transfer Notes Straight to Your Computer

Livescribe Echo Smartpen transfers your written notes directly into your computer with ease.  Take notes as you normally will and later plug your pen into the computer and your notes will automatically be uploaded and cataloged.

Livescribe saves everything you write on paper

Most people say they prefer writing notes on a piece of paper rather than using something like a tablet.  Well now you can write notes on a piece of paper, but still get all of your notes on to your computer, tablet or phone.

It works seamlessly by recording your strokes and saving it into memory.  After you are donde, you can plug the pen into your computer and all of your notes will be there.
Livescribe pen note taker

The Livescribe also has a built in microphone to record everything you hear

Not only does this digital pen record all your strokes, it also records sound which will let you replay an entire lecture while syncing it with what you write.  It really is a cutting edge note taking pen.

This pen is perfect for a college student or high school student that doesn’t want to miss a single detail in a lecture.  With a small investment, your life could be a lot easier using this pen, especially for studying.

Livescribe pen
Livescribe notes


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