Magic Mat Absorbs Dirt Like No Other

This Magic Mat will amaze you with its dirt and mud absorbing capabilities. No longer worry about dirty paw prints or shoeprints soiling your floors again.

Magic Mat Keeps Floors Clean and Dry

You only need to step once on this mat and it will instantly absorb all dirt, mud, water, and grease within its deep-reaching fibers. Perfect for people with pets, or kids that like to play outside all day.

Magic Mat 1

This magic mat dries five times faster than standard cotton mats and can absorb seven times its weight in water, leaving the floor underneath it dry at all times.

Its latex backing prevents skidding and keeps the mat secure on the floor without undue movement. In addition, it’s machine washable for an easy clean.

This lifesaver is 30cm x 50cm and will fit snugly in front of your front or back doors. Protect your floors and save hours of cleaning time!

$79.99 $39.99

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