Munch Addict: The Subscription Snack Crate

Munch Addict is the ultimate subscription snack crate!  It includes the most interesting and tasty snacks from all over the world.  It’s no secret why they are rated the #1 snack crate in the United States.

Take your tastebuds on a wild journey as you experience the most tasty treats your heart could desire.  They’ve sourced snacks from Japan, Southeast Asia, China, France, Belgium and many more.

How does a Subscription Snack Crate work?

It’s really simple, you choose either the standard or premium tier.  The standard box has 5+ full-sized snacks which is great for the casual snacker, but if you’re a heavy snacker, try the premium box which provides 10+ full-sized snacks.

Once you’ve figured out what you wanted, signup by picking one of their monthly billing options;  you can either pay monthly or prepay 3 months, 6 months and 12 months.  They even offer a gift snack crate that lets you prepay one time for a friend, family or loved one.

Tastiest snack box in the world

What snacks come in this delicious snack crate?

It gets filled with snacks from all over the world that are both interesting and tasty.  We’ve tried a box from them and we were given some of the coolest snacks that you could not find in your local store.

Despite the pictures on the website, we believe that it came with much more cool and unique snacks than advertised which was a huge plus.  It’s definitely a snack subscription box that stacks heavy in comparison to their competitors.

Just like one of those japanese snack boxes, except even more diverse asian countries

We tried some really unique things in here.  To start off I’ve never tried shrimp chips or Japanese spicy crackers in a snack box.  It was both spicy but savory with the right amount of salt.  I wanted to know immediately where to buy some of these snacks as I wouldn’t mind to have these on deck at home.  This was definitely a nice snack crate experience.


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