Moft – World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand

Moft is the world’s first invisible laptop stand that sticks on to the back of your laptop.  It makes it seem like it’s not even there, but gives you a full kick stand capability.

Most people have trouble starring down at a laptop screen because of neck-strain and ergonomic restrictions.  With Moft, you can prop up your laptop with ease anywhere or any time.

Moft is built to last on most laptops

Moft is made very well because of its sleek and slender design.  It sticks on to the laptop very well because of it’s strong adhesive, but keep in mind you can also take it off easily so it’s not stuck on there for life

It can handle up to 18 pounds of pressure which should easily handle most laptops included the weight of your hands on it.  It really is built for people who spend most of their time on laptops.

Moft Dimensions

Moft Portable Laptop Stand

Moft is really easy to use because of it’s intuitive design

It has plenty of “modes” that allow you to adjust the height to your desired feeling.  If you like your laptop just slightly tilted or if you like it at a high angle, you can do either with it.

It also leaves the door open for propping up your laptop as a viewing device so you can watch movies and other content.  It’s something we’ve never really seen before, especially because its packaged in one neat thin design.

Moft Laptop Stand Retract

Moft Laptop Stand Uses


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