Orb – The World’s First Germ-Killing Blue/UV Light Ball

Orb is the world’s first germ-killing blue/uv light ball which helps keep everything fresh around it.  There are so many uses to these germ-killing balls which make them really useful for everyone

The possibilites are endless when it comes to what we can use Orb with.  It’s an extremely power UV light that absolutely destroys germs around it.

Keep everything from the food you eat to the shoes you own absolutely germ-free with the Orb

One of the most important things is food when it comes to products that need to be germ-free.  Your fruit, vegetables and meat get germs on them which cause them to spoil.

Placing one of these Orbs inside your refrigerator drawer will result in longer lasting and healthier meat, fruits and vegetables.  It’s perfect for keeping your food safe.

orb germ-killing uv light ball meat veggie fruits

The uses for the Orb Ball are endless and there are more being made up daily

The air you breathe, your shoes or baby products are things the Orb can keep fresh for you.  Kill all the germs and the odor with this amazing UV ball of goodness.
orb germ-killing uv light ball humidifiers


orb germ-killing uv light ball sneakers

orb germ-killing uv light ball baby products

These come with a rechargeable magnetic station that keeps them charged up easily.  They also have an app that lets you control it and set specific settings like humidifier or refrigerator.



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