Outdoor Camping EDC Stainless Steel Lighter Multitool For Lighter

The Lighter Multitool is perfect for camping and survival as it turns your lighter into a nifty pocket knife with several tools that make your life easier.  It’s one of our best everyday carry items and it’s perfect for those who love small helpful gadgets like this.


The Lighter Multitool has many features that make it excellent

  • Razor Sharp Knife — Easily opens boxes / packages — Cuts tough cord / rope
  • Micro Screwdriver — Perfect for eye glasses — Repair small electronics, phones
  • Bottle Opener and key ring attachment — Save time searching for a bottle opener when you need it
  • Spring-action scissors — Super sharp — Trims your nails — Precisely cuts thread, cloth, paper, packaging

lighter multitool lighter multitool

$29.99 $14.99

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