Pixie – Find your lost items faster by SEEING where they are

Pixie helps you find your lost items faster by actually seeing where they are. Use your smartphone’s camera to look in augmented reality, making it much easier to locate exactly where your belongings are.

Pixie goes on any item you want

Pixie can really be placed on just about anything by sticking it on. Apply the first Pixie tag to the back of your iPhone and the other tag to your most important items.

It works with all iOS/iPhone devices using at least iOS9 or higher. It really is a revolutionary way to find your stuff, rather than just guessing the location like other tracking devices.

Pixie has a full interface for finding your items

This tracker gives you full directions on how to find your item through your phone by giving you certain signs and directions. It’ll tell you if you are getting hot or cold and also displays directional arrows.

It has a range of 30 feet indoors and up to 100 feet outdoors so it’s perfect for finding stuff in your home. Never lose your items again with this revolutionary tracker device.


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