Power Vessel: The Ultimate Mini Gaming Keyboard

Playing games on your phone is nothing new—everyone does it. Having a Bluetooth controller for your phone isn’t news either. But the Power Vessel All-in-one Gaming Keyboard is definitely a breakthrough for the gaming industry.

Light, compact and versatile, the Power Vessel is definitely the game changer of 2019. This device by the Fundian Team will provide you the advantage you need when playing mobile games. Find out what makes it so awesome by reading on!

Experience Gaming To a Whole New Level with Power Vessel

This peripheral device is one astounding invention. It’s a game controller, a mouse, and a keyboard, all-in-one – the perfect device for those who prefer to take their action on the go. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, a streamer, or a casual player, the Power Vessel is beneficial for your gaming needs.           

Power Vessel is Power in Your Pocket

The Power Vessel has three modes that you can utilize:

  • A gaming mode compatible with and optimized for PC and Android mobile/streaming devices to enhance the gaming experience
  • A mouse-and-keyboard best configured for both PC and Android for typing, texting, and navigation
  • And another mouse-and-keyboard mode, but this time, for the iOS.

You can interchange between these three modes anytime when using your device.

The Power Vessel works on multiple devices to give you control anywhere. These include Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile device, or even TV Boxes such as Shield TV, Fire TV, and Android TV Box. You can even use the gaming keyboard for your Steam game console if you like!

Sleek, Ergonomic and Functional Power Vessel

The Power Vessel’s sleek design makes it smooth to the touch, and also provides you enough grip support when using it. In addition, keyboard backlight is present for night owls who always stay up. Plus, it’s easy to carry, with the small size of 5 inches by 2.5 inches and a weight of fewer than 2.5 ounces. Imagine having a light and portable yet powerful gadget at your disposal!

How about those big-thumbed people out there who have a hard time using their phone keyboards? The Power Vessel’s soft and ergonomically-shaped buttons make typing easier. Its carefully analyzed and crafted design and key positioning make it both efficient and compact. You can use this peripheral with minimum to no effort at all. Bye-bye, tech struggle!

It has also more features that you will not expect to come with a gaming keyboard. You can take selfies easily, use it as an audio receiver to jack your headphones in, and even answer (or end) calls with this!

The Power Vessel is one-of-a-kind, making it one of the most advanced wireless mini input devices on the market. Give it a go, and you will experience gaming like no other at your fingertips.


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