ProSqueeze – The World’s Best Tool for Relieving Tension

ProSqueeze is the world’s best tool for relieving tension in problem areas such as your arms, legs, hands and feet.  It is a new and innovative self-massage tool designed for people who can’t get a real massage regularly.

Nearly 60% of office works suffer from wrist pain while at the computer.  It’s the perfect tool to relax your connective tissues and soften your overworked muscles.

ProSqueeze is extremely easy to use for anybody and you can use it all by yourself

The ProSqueeze is very easy to use because it has a gun-like shape that uses a hand paddle to tighten the tension of the machine.  It’s perfectly fit for all the areas on your wrist, arms, thighs and calves.

All you have to do is put the foam pads around a tight spot on your arm or leg, give a few squeezes of the hand until the pressure is right.  After that, make a small movement of your wrist or ankle to enhance the stretch and keep it there for 10-15 seconds.

prosqueeze adjust
prosqueeze problem areas

The ProSqueeze can be used anywhere

This device is perfect to bring on the go with you, so you can use it after your long and tiring exercise.  It can also be brought with you to work, where you could simply use it while you are at your desk taking a break.

It’s great to have at home, also.  You can simply gear it up while you’re resting on the couch or watching television.  This is a great gift for people who work all day and need some muscle relief.
prosqueeze diagram


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