Steer – The Wearable Device That Keeps You Awake

I like taking naps. Don’t you? In my bedroom, on the sofa, at work, in the library – I can fall asleep anywhere really! But there is one place where I should refrain from sleeping- at the wheel. Sometimes, we can’t help it though. We’re so tired because of our job or taking care of the kids that our eyes just close without us even knowing it. This can mean life or death when we’re on the road. Lucky for us, we have Steer!

Steer is a bracelet that can help you stay awake. It does so by detecting your drowsiness level through your skin conductance and heart rate. If signs show that you are about to fall asleep, it can warn you. And if you did fall asleep, the wearable device can even wake you up.

Steer keeps you safe

Do you know how dangerous it is if you can’t keep your eyes on the road? Falling asleep while driving can be just as dangerous as getting behind the wheel when you’re drunk. You can be asleep for even 30 seconds (this is called micro-sleep), and you’ll miss that split second to avoid that deer in the road or keep on the right side.

When you have Steer on, you won’t be at risk of micro-sleep. It is more effective than cigarettes, loud music, coffee, and energy drinks. Plus, it’s much healthier for your body, too. You can rely on this fantastic wearable device better than caffeine so that you can put that cup of coffee away.

steer features

Steer keeps you awake

With the use of premium materials and highly accurate sensors, the device will measure and analyze the galvanic reaction of your skin as well as your heart rate. These indicators can show if you are getting tired or not. Steer checks the levels every 2 seconds. It will emit a yellow light and strong vibrations f your heart rate decreases by ten units. If it gets to such levels that you become close to sleeping, you will get a gentle electric shock that wakes you up!

Now imagine hurrying to work tired because you just woke up or driving for a long time to get to the next state. You could fall asleep at any time. With the stimulations that Steer gives, you will feel more awake and much fresher so you can keep your eyes on the road.

steer works

If you want to stay awake to stay safe, then this small, convenient device can help you.


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