The Layover Blanket – For Comfortable Travel Anywhere

Life can get a little unpredictable, with unexpected moments that can be huge setbacks. It gets even worse when traveling. The last thing you’d ever want during your travel is an unexpected flight delay or an overnight period of waiting for the next bus or train. You no longer have to fear the cold or discomfort with The Layover Blanket by Gravel.

Gravel’s The Layover Blanket lets you experience the comfort and warmth of a quality blanket without the trouble of folding and carrying it. It’s light, convenient and ready on the go. And we at Legit Gifts absolutely love it!

Experience The Layover Blanket’s Comfort without Excess Baggage

Travelling is fun but not so much when it comes to packing and carrying your stuff all over the place. We all want to keep our baggage as light and as small as possible so we can enjoy our trip without the heavy lifting. Let’s not forget the baggage weight limit at airports- those can be an expensive nightmare.

But with our Layover, we can enjoy the benefits on a travel-friendly blanket while maintaining that light bag pack. All’s well that ends well.

The Layover Blanket is Comfort and Convenience Hooked to Your Bag

The Layover has a hook keychain feature that allows you to clip it to your bag, leaving it there for use when you need it. It weighs lighter than a pair of shoes so you don’t have to worry about it being bulky or costing additional fees at the airport.

And it’s not just a regular, typical and foldable blanket! It provides not only warmth and extra comfort but additional hidden pockets as well. You can keep your other items stored safely in its hideaway stuff sack.

Warmth for Your Entire Body with the Layover Blanket

We’ve experienced horrible blankets that reach our ankles, leaving the feet exposed to the cold temperature. It was a terrible experience. Not only can the Layover Blanket keep you warm and snuggly, but it also cares for your feet too! The Layover has leg pockets and feet pouches for additional warmth and comfort during long trips.

If you’re a wanderluster like me, you will love The Layover. It’s the best companion for people who enjoy traveling and camping outside! Experience the sensation for yourself, you won’t regret it.


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