Amabrush – World’s First Automatic Toothbrush

The Amabrush is the world’s first automatic toothbrush that uses vibration and toothpaste cleaning foam to clean your teeth in just 10 seconds.  It’s the newest way to brush your teeth and quite possibly the most reliable way.


Amabrush automatic toothbrushHow does Amabrush work?

Amabrush uses vibration and a special cleaning toothpaste foam that cleans your tooth the right way.  It surrounds your teeth killing germs and bacteria while scrubbing off food and extra particles that can be harmful to your teeth.

It’s magnetic base attaches to the mouthpiece where it will automatically move the bristles, leaving you with a clean and fresh mouth.  It’s way faster than brushing your teeth the normal way and much more effective. Amabrush how it worksAmabrush factsAmabrush mouth pieceAmabrush batteryWatch the Amabrush in action

These short clips will show you just how this revolutionary automatic toothbrush works.  You can see the base being attached as well as the bristles vibrating just as describe.  It’s approved by many dentist and works like a charm.

The base has a long lasting battery and holds the solution you need to clean your teeth.  All you have to do is pop on your mouth guard and you’re good to go!Amabrush magnetic connectionAmabrush vibration Amabrush toothpaste foam


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