Bijou: The World’s Smallest Projector

Entertainment today is better with Bijou. Being considered as the world’s smallest projector is perhaps one big responsibility. However, the manufacturer of this product has broken all barriers in terms of production.

With its size, it can work wonders in terms of getting that movie car ride that you have been dreaming of. Read on this review to find our more about the product and what it is all about.

Bijou in Bed

Project Anywhere with Bijou

The best thing about this potential gift to your loved one is the fact that it can be carried anywhere. Other than the usual benefits and advantages, there are also others that you would definitely love and enjoy. 

First, the product is an iPad or iPhone accessory that projects your screen. Forget Apple Mirroring or Android Mirroring, you can do so with the help of the projector and what it has to offer. 


Another one is the fact that it can fit any pocket. If you have a shirt pocket, it can fit. If you have a pants pocket, it can definitely fit. You can have everything that you need with the piece of the action that it brings anytime and anywhere.


On top of that, the product system works at a plug and play system. You do not need to download and pay for an app. All you have to do is to connect your device to the projector and let it do what it does best. 

Also, there is no need to focus the device when you are using this product. Since it uses a specialized kind of projection light, there is no way that it would not be focused on the first try. This fact saves you a lot of time and ensures that you would just enjoy your projection time.


Other than the projection, it also comes with a built-in speaker. The speaker is definitely what gives more value to the projection. 


It also goes up to 14 degrees upwards so you can watch it without having to place it anywhere. It is also compatible to most Apple devices so you would definitely enjoy it.

The Great Thing About Projection

The great thing about a projector is the potential for maximization. One can maximize the way that it is used and done. One can make sure that he always carries it around him wherever he goes. One would enjoy showing it off as well. The Bijou is definitely a wonderful creation for all ages.



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