Arc Plasma Lighter

The Arc Plasma Lighter is a flameless cigarette lighter that allows you to light your smoke without the need to provide a giant flame that will most likely burn your eyebrows off. It’s great for using outdoors because its fully windproof.

The Arc Plasma Lighter is the newest breakthrough in lighter technology. It doesn’t use any lighter-fluid or butane, but instead creates an electric coil using just a rechargeable battery that you can use to light your cigarette.

Designed with Luxury in Mind and Excellent Functionality

The Arc Plasma Lighter has a flip-top opener, along with a simple button in front of the lighter that triggers the plasma electricity. It has a safety feature that will not let it light when the lid is closed, so no worries about it lighting up while it’s in your pocket.

The size and weight of  Arc Plasma lighter is just the same with regular lighter. So you will have the same feeling as carrying a traditional lighter aside from it’s more luxurious with its high-gloss brushed metal casing.

Arc Plasma Lighter

Reliable, Rechargeable and Eco-Friendly Lighter

The Arc Plasma Lighter is made with a rechargeable battery that is charged using the included USB charging cable and plugging it into the micro-USB port located on the bottom of the lighter. One fully charge will allow you to lit 100-300 times.

Not only is the lighter completely windproof, it also doesn’t use any lighter fluid or gas which is more eco-friendly than a regular gas powered lighter.

Arc Plasma Lighter

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