Aroo—The Mini Travel Vacuum Compressor that Gives You More Space, Less Air

Dreaming of extra space in your luggage? It is definitely a dream—a dream come true! Maximize your OOTD for your travels with the compact and handy Aroo Mini Bar Travel Vacuum Compressor.

Packing light is, of course, any traveler’s mantra. But hey, travel is more fun with more outfits! If we could only pack everything we like, we would end up bringing our entire closet. However, enormous baggage on a trip has serious consequences. It limits our movement and steals our peace of mind. Our energy should be spent on enjoying the view and experiencing the culture, not dragging enormous and numerous luggage and having to keep tabs on them all the time. Having multiple pieces of baggage consumes not only our energy but also the fun on our trip. But Aroo solves it all!

Same Luggage But 60 % More Space with Aroo

Specifically designed for travelers, Aroo Mini Bar Travel Vacuum Compressor allows you to have more space by compressing your clothes and belongings.

Did you know that folding takes up a lot of space? By a lot, we mean about 60 % free space. And a lot of that is actually occupied by air. Air occupies more than half the space of our luggage. By removing the air with Aroo, our clothes will be compressed, thus giving more vacant storage for additional items.

Handy Aroo Brings Maximum Capacity and Efficiency

Unlike other compressors, Aroo Mini Bar Travel Vacuum Compressor is meticulously designed to be the epitome of power and style. Developed by a distinguished mechanical engineer, Aroo is perfected to achieve maximum motor performance with an unbelievably minimum weight of 116 grams and a minimum size of 16 meters.

It may be small and light, but power is not based on size. Just like the mighty David who defeated the great Goliath, Aroo is considerably tiny but is absolutely way more powerful than your regular compressors. Armed with a second motor, Aroo boosts a total power of 2200 mAh. It is 25 times stronger and more potent than the regular compressor. We do not want to brag, but Aroo is just so powerful that even a steel metal paint canister never stood a chance. Imagine that. Small but incredible!

Aroo—Functionality and Compatibility at Its Finest

Designed for travelers, Aroo is chargeable, lightweight and compact. It does not take up a lot of space in your luggage. Instead, it frees up a lot.

Considering utmost performance and functionality, Aroo is equipped with active seal adapters which are impeccably compatible with any vacuum storage bag. Yes, when we say ANY, we mean any size, any brand, and any type. Perfect compatibility!

Unlike your regular adapter, Aroo’s is well-built and well-designed to outclass your regular ones. This special adapter can be used to replace your vacuum bag’s cap should it get lost. It can even be used to seal any hole in the vacuum bag without any leakage. Yes, this adapter is definitely perfect. Strong, compatible and highly functional.

Having a lot of baggage while traveling is a serious thing. Get more storage with your same regular luggage with Aroo Mini Bar Travel Vacuum Compressor.


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