Arunners Dry Steppers 100% Waterproof Rain Shoes Covers Reusable Snow Overshoes

Arunners Dry Steppers are shoe covers that fit right over your shoes, protecting them from harmful damage like rain, water and other dangerous encounters.  They really add a whole new level of durability to your outdoor footwear.

arunners arunners dry steppers

Arunner Dry Steppers are 100% Waterproof

Yup, you heard that right, these shoe covers are sealed and you can go mashing through puddles without worrying of water getting inside.  They really hold their own against water and other liquids.

Accidental spills are a thing of the past on your shoes as long as you’re wearing these safeguards.  These are perfect for rainy days and other days out in the park.

arunners arunners dry steppers

Arunner Dry Steppers do not rip easily at all

The material it’s made out of is strong PVC material which makes it so you wont rip these while running or walking in them.  They come with a 60 day refund guarantee so you know they are made of good quality.

After you use these, you can also put some belongings in them to keep it waterproof.  So they pretty much double as a waterproof bag and a shoe guard.

$30.00 $14.99

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