Autoslide Automatic Doors for Humans and Pets

The Autoslide Automatic Doors for humans and pets is the newest way to upgrade your home.  Imagine having automatic sliding doors in your home just like a grocery store.

The convenience factors are through the roof on this invention, simply because you’ll never have to manually open or close a sliding door again.  It’s something so simple and genius that you’ll ask yourself: “why didn’t I think of that?”

Installing the Autoslide Automatic Doors in your home is simple

A simple attachment is installed on your sliding door that uses a motor device to pull the doors open and closed.  It’s a low voltage DC power supply that powers it, so you shouldn’t have any issues plugging it in somewhere.

It also has a variety of packages that you can purchase that give you extended features if you need them.  These features include pet capability, phone app access, remotes and so much more

Autoslide Automatic Doors Kit

The features on Autoslide Automatic Doors are endless

First, we wanted to point out one of the coolest features of this product which is the ability to let your pets operate the sliding door.  You’re probably wondering how in the world could a pet operate it… well it’s simple really.

Your pet is given an RFID tag that can be attached to their collar.  This tag will notify the Autoslide Automatic Doors to open when the sensor is close, giving your pet the ability to leave when he or she pleases.

Don’t worry, you can control the doors with your smart phone so you can choose when your pet can use the sliding doors.  If you’re away from home you can lock the sliding doors so your pet won’t be able to leave while your away.

There are also plenty of features that come with this new-age device such as automatic remotes and tons of features on the phone app that make this sliding door fully customizable to your needs.  This small upgrade to your home could be a complete game changer.


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