Knot Out – Electric Pet Grooming Comb

The Knot Out – Electric Pet Grooming Comb is the ultimate pet grooming tool that leaves your pet’s coat groomed and smooth. Knot Out is the pet grooming tool that allows you to remove knots and untangle nasty snags in your pets coat while you groom, without stopping or getting caught up and hurting your best friend!

The Knot Out Features Recessed Blades Comb and Cut Out Tangles

Simply groom your pet as normal but, when you reach a snag or a knot, just press the button and the clever rotating blades at the base of each safety tooth spin into action! They cut through those strands of hair that are causing the problem, while the safety teeth continue their path through the coat so you don’t even have to stop. Just press, untangle and carry on!
Knot Out is so effortless to use with its handheld and ergonomic design. It uses 4 AAA batteries that will last for a long time use.
Knot Out - Electric Pet Grooming Comb

Knot Out is Safe and Won’t Harm Your Pet

Grooming is a great chance to care for, and bond with, your pet. But traditional combs and grooming tools have a hard time dealing with long hair and can get knotted and tangled. This can cause pain and distress to both owner and pet, leaving them anxious and turning the whole experience into a dreaded chore.
Knot Out is also super safe. The blades will never touch the skin, even if your pet moves while you are grooming, thanks to the safety teeth. And don’t worry about shedding or unattractive chopped hair because it only affects those very few individual hairs that are causing the problem. As soon as their hold is broken, the tool continues to groom, leaving your furry friends looking great and feeling happy and relaxed. Now you, and your pet, can enjoy pain-free, relaxing grooming sessions together, with Knot Out.
Knot Out - Electric Pet Grooming Comb
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