As dog owners know, what was once your pristine lawn is now a mine field of doggy doo-doo, now that you have a dog living with you. You do your best to clean up, but it’s hard to keep up with your dog.

Luckily for all of us, the Pik-A-Poo makes it easy to pick up after your dog. It’s basically a gripper that collects the poop as you shake it into the collection bag. Once you have collected enough, you can just discard the bag and attach another to fill up.

No More Eww Moment os Your Lawn

You may not even recognize your grass afterwards, since you haven’t seen it so clean in ages. This single-handed poop scooper uses trigger on the handle that closes the teeth of the scooper to scoop up and pile of poo. No bending, no touching, just easy clean up. Plus, the device itself won’t touch the poop.

Each corner of the Pik-a-Poo also has clamps on them to securely fasten the poo bag so that it won’t fall off when you go to pick up a turd. Just pick up a pile, shake the end of it to get the poo into the end of the bag, and move on to your next steamer.

The unique pooper scooper folds in half for easy storage. Just bend it out and clip it in place to start using it. It also lets you hold a roll of any standard poop bags right on the pole of the scooper, so you’ll always have easy access to your next poo-bag. When you want to dump the bag, simply unclip it, and shake it off into a garbage.


The Most Durable Versatile Poop Scooper

Pik-a-Poo is designed to work with any poop bag or even recycling bags like grocery bags, saving you money since most of us have plenty of those. It works on more than just grass too, as you can use it on stones, concrete, wood chips, and more.

The Pik-a-Poo has an improved design with stronger materials, is lighter in weight and will last longer. It is made of fiber-reinforced nylon and aluminum alloy, so it won’t rust. The Pik-a-Poo weighs 12 oz, measures 31 inches long, and is one of those yard tools that really makes life easy. You shouldn’t have to hurt your back to clean your yard.



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