LED Dog Harness

Excellent visibility is vital for safe morning and evening walks with your dog. It’s also useful for hiking, camping, hunting and spotting your dog in a big backyard. Light up your pup with unrivaled illumination, reflectivity and fluorescent color with LED Dog Harness.

LED Dog Harness Ready for Action in Any Weather

The harness includes attention grabbing, multicolor flashing modes based on visual science (and solid colors). The light is visible from over half a mile away so that you’ll never lose sight of your dog outdoors again and alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you and your pup.

In the rain or shine and any season this extremely lightweight harness is durable and ready for action. Perfect for walks, hikes, camping and hunting trips, backyard fun and all kinds of outdoor excursions.

LED Dog Harness

The LED Dog Harness is Fully Adjustable

The LED Dog Harness is easy to slide on, adjust and use with the press of a single button. Five sizes are available and each is simple to adjust over a wide range – so you always get a perfect fit.

The LED Dog Harness also has added leash attachment makes it easier than ever to clip-in and be out the door. The harness is easily unbuckled when you’re done too!

LED Dog Harness

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