PetNow: Wearable Smart Pet Camera

Being able to know what our dogs or pets are up to is a big technological dream, this is where PetNow has found a solution. PetNow offers the world’s first wearable smart pet camera for dogs. 

With the PetNow: Wearable Smart Pet Camera for Dogs, it is easy to spot and see what our dogs are up to from their own perspective. It is absolutely a dream for pet lovers. 

Get To Know The New PetNow Technology

The new PetNow Technology is one of the greatest things that the world has ever seen. It allows the owner to see the dog from his own perspective. What did he do? Where is he doing his tasks? What is he up to? This wearable technology is another great way to keep the house, and your pet, secured at all times.

The Features of PetNow Wearable Technology

It gives you an insight on what your dog experiences.

Have you ever wondered why you dog acts a certain way? Or are you noticing certain changes in your dog’s behavior and you want to know what he has been up to? 

With this wearable camera, you are introduced to your dog’s world from his own perspective. You do not need to do anything or make any other move, you just need this camera.

It gives you access to him via live streaming.

PetNow Wearable Technology

The wearable technology uses a 1080P HD live monitoring system which allows you and any person who has access to his details to your pet live. This means that you no longer need to run around the house to find your pet or you no longer need to hire someone to take care of your dog while you are away for the day, you can do so yourself. 

The better part of this live stream technology is that it allows you to view your dog from his perspective and from a third person’s perspective as well.

You can store your photos and videos and you can share it on social media. 

PetNow Wearable Technology

For those who already loves their pet and love sharing his every move on social media, this is perfect. Owners can maximize the use of PetNow. He now has the capacity to have high quality photos taken not just from your own perspective but from the point of view of your pet. This makes it one of the best gifts for pets.

There is also a built-in vision, comes with two-way audio, it is ultra comfortable, and it comes in three styles.



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