Baby Nail File

Baby Nail File is a unique wearable nail file especially designed for babies nails. It is a safe and simple solution to baby nail care, giving you a hands-free way of keeping your little one’s delicate nails neat & trim from birth.

This innovative design allows you to cuddle, feed or even read to your baby whilst filing and as the a nail file is securely attached to it, you can care for your baby without the worry of dropping the nail file.

Baby Nail File is Safe to Babies

Babies wriggle a lot and can make cutting their tiny nails safely a challenge. Baby Nails is an easy hands-free solution for your baby’s nail care. No longer a need for scratch mittens and its safer than using baby nail scissors or clippers.

Baby Nail File is soft enough to be used from birth and is a great hospital bag essential item. Usable from birth. Baby Nail File sticks have a unique snap-off design available in two grits: new baby (from birth to 6 months) and 6 months plus (from 6 months onwards).

Baby Nail File

East to Use Baby Nail File

Baby Nail File is wearable to parent’s thumb and has a flexible design so it fits to all sizes of thumbs and has an opening on the front for a long thumbnail to fit through.

To use it, simply attach one of the included nail file in to the Thumble and put it on to your thumb. Starting from a corner of the fingernail, file in one sweeping direction along the nail. Do not rub or saw the nail file back and forth as this will not smooth the nail. Just perfect to use when breast or bottle feeding your baby.

Baby Nail File



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