Hydro Floss

We all know we ought to floss twice a day for good dental hygiene but the pain, hassle and inconvenience of flossing puts many people off, especially children.

There’s really nothing worse than flossing. I get grilled by my dentist about not flossing every-time I go in. But I bet if I had this Hydro Floss, that let you easily floss your teeth with the press of a button, it might stop berating me at the dentist. Maintaining good oral hygiene has never been easier with this Hydro Floss.

The Air-Powered Flosser

This powerful oral hygiene tool uses air infusion technology. Just fill it up with water and with the push of a button, air propels water to blast away debris gently and effectively. You can even fill it with mouthwash to freshen your breath as you floss. 

The comfort-grip design and low-profile tip nozzle make it easy to reach your back teeth and hard to reach areas and keep your whole mouth feeling fresher.

Hydro Floss

Hydro Floss is Easier Than Traditional Dental Floss!

Manual flossing can be an icky, uncomfortable and a time-consuming chore. But, everyone knows the importance of a good dental hygiene routine. Hydro Floss is a device that lets you easily floss your teeth without the need for an actual string of floss and can be used by a single hand.

Hydro Floss works in a flash and is fun to use. It does not require battery and reusable for a long time. It’s effective and easy to reach those tight spaces between teeth, behind orthodontics and around your expensive dental work. Just fill it with water, point the ergonomically shaped nozzle right where you want to floss and press.

Hydro Floss

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