Bag Caps Three Piece Bag Storage Kit

Never worry about what to do with opened bags again with these handy bag caps. Simple to fit over just about any size bag, for easy reuse.

Bag Caps Storage Kit Keeps Food Fresh

These three bag caps are airtight, keeping your food fresh for much longer than traditional bag clips. Simply place over the opened bag and you’re done.

This bag cap storage kit is fashioned from durable plastic and easily washable.  Simple, durable, and effective.

The seal on these caps is so strong, that it can even hold a bag with water inside without leaking! You won’t find a stronger, safer method of sealing your bags.

Supplies are limited due to strong demand, so get your bag cap storage kit now and never worry about taking opened bags with you on a trip, or having wasted money on spoiled food.

$29.99 $14.99

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