Best Neck Pillow For Traveling – The Duo Travel Pillow

The Duo Travel Pillow is the best neck pillow for traveling because of it’s unique 9-in-1 feature design.  It’s made for both comfort and portability as it’s main use is for traveling.

Neck pillows are great for traveling, but not all of them provide perfect neck support  or maximum comfort.  The Duo Travel Pillow, however, has filled this void with it’s unique contour shape.

ultimate travel pillow

The overall craftsmanship of the best neck pillow ever

It’s made with an extremely soft fabric that resembles suede so it’s gentle on your skin.  It’s completely machine washable so you can clean it up whenever you desire.

Also, it was made extremely lightweight and comes with a carrying case so you can take it with you on-the-go.  Packing it and taking it with you is no tall task.

To really make this neck pillow unique compared to others, it was created with a cellphone pocket and a removable hood.  The removable hood works great to keep you warm or cover your eyes from unwanted light.

removable hood best neck pillow

The best neck pillow’s top four positions

Some customers might wonder how this neck pillow compares in comfort.  That’s the most important characteristic about a neck pillow.

There are four highlighted positions for the Duo Travel Pillow.  Each of these provide added support and better comfort than it’s competitors.

The most common position is when a person sleeps straight up as if they were on a long flight.  The Duo Travel Pillow fits right under your chin like a beard which props up your head and puts zero strain on your neck.

beat best neck pillow

Many people like to hug something or lean forward when they sleep.  On an airplane, it’s hard to rest your table on the tray in front of you, so the bear hug position works best with this pillow:

bear hug best neck pillow

When you’re traveling with someone, you often times want to rest on your partner’s shoulder.  The field goal position is perfect to mimic this feeling by wresting your head on the side of the pillow.

field goal best neck pillow

When all else fails and you just want to wrest your head on something, the shoulder pad position is great for giving your neck a breather.

shoulder pads best neck pillow

The Duo Neck Pillow was started on Kickstarter and they desperately need your help.  Pledge money to their campaign and receive the best neck pillow ever!


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