Blanket Suspenders – Reduce Blanket Hogging

Blanket Suspenders are the newest companion for your bed as they help keep your sheets and blankets in place.  They clip on easily and keeps your blanket evenly distributed to reduce blanket hogging.

Many of us sleep next to a significant other at night and most of us have experienced someone hogging the blanket.  This keeps it fair all night so you don’t have to worry about fighting over someone.

The Blanket Suspenders come in five fun colors

These come in different colors to keep things interesting and appealing.  These make the perfect gift for anybody who has this issue.  Get it for a couple and hear how it helped saved their marriage.

There are other competitors on the market out there, but let’s be honest, these look like they do a much better job.  They also look way sturdier too.

Blanket Suspenders are so easy to setup, anyone can do it

Simply adjust the strap to the size of your bed and put it under your mattress.  After putting it under your mattress, all you have to do is take the suspenders and clip it on to the sheet or blanket you want to evenly distribute.

Keeping it tight is easy because the strap is built extremely strong.  You can adjust the tightness but loosening the strap so you can have the perfect comrt.

blanket suspenders adjusting

blanket suspenders pulling bed sheet


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