Bluetooth Lamp for Bedside – Ultimate LED Nightstand Light

The Bedside Bluetooth Lamp is an interesting idea, especially when it comes to putting it as your nightstand or bedside lamp.  It opens up great possibilities with your alarm, room lighting and music capabilities.

The Bedside LED Bluetooth Lamp is capable of lighting an entire room or being dim enough for the perfect night light.  The range of intensity for the light comes full spectrum.

Amazing features on all of the Bedside LED Bluetooth Lamps

There are quite a few bluetooth lamps on the market which we’ll be listed below, so all of these features are pretty standard on most of them.  There’s no one bluetooth lamp that is perfect, all of them are pretty nice.

The compatibility on these lamps range, depending on the product.  A lot of them have Micro SD slots, aux ports and a plug to put your power source in.

Nightstand Bedside LED Bluetooth Lmap Diagram

The coolest feature of the Bedside LED Bluetooth Lamp is connecting to your phone

Having a lamp next to your bedside that’s compatible with your phone is an innovation that should have happened years ago.  Connecting your phone through bluetooth allows you to add a whole range of dynamics around your bed.

Having a bluetooth enabled lamp makes it so you can have hands free calling which would be sweet if you’re trying to talk to someone while laying on your bed.  Answering phone calls can be as easy as a tap on the lamp.

Smart LED Bluetooth Lamp Bedside Nightstand

You can also change it’s color through your phone with a full RGB spectrum of colors.  Create the perfect light setting for that romantic night, or give yourself the perfect setting for sleep.

Playing music is also the perfect addition for your bedside.  During a romantic evening with your wife or girlfriend, set the mood with the perfect lighting and music.

Sleep LED Bluetooth Lamp Nightstand Bedside

This lamp is even great for an emergency.  If the power is shut down during an emergency or blackout.  The Bedside LED Bluetooth Lamps also come with a 1800MA battery which lasts for 10-20 hours.  That’s enough to make it to daylight.

Battery LED Bedside Bluetooth Lamp

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