The Boyfriend Pillow Is A Perfect Substitute

Use this boyfriend pillow to cuddle with at night. Enjoy the comfort of an arm around your body as you sleep.

This Boyfriend Pillow Is Perfect For Singles

Don’t have a boyfriend? Or maybe you do, but he’s not always willing to cuddle? Never fear, the boyfriend pillow is here.

This pillow simulates a man’s upper torso, including his arm for a realistic cuddle. It even comes with a dress shirt-styled pillow cover with included pocket so you can store small items.

This unique pillow also makes a great party or gag gift. Watch your friends laugh at its novel shape, then become addicted to its comfortable charms.

Pillow 1

This pillow is eminently soft and comfortable, for a gentle accompaniment to rest. Never feel lonely at night, again!

$79.99 $39.99

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