Compact Pill Organizer

Did you know that 66% of all US adults take prescription medications, and that more than 4 billion prescriptions were written in 2011 alone?

In other words, most of us have a lot of pills (not to mention vitamins) to keep track of, Compact Pill Organizer offers a unique way of organizing them for each day of the week.

The Perfect Pill Organizer for 7 Days a Week and 4 Times a Day!

Compact Pill Organizer is a tower design that has 7 compartment trays stacked per day of the week. Each compartment is placed in order of the day of the week inside the holder. Atop the holder is a lid that you can take off when you put the next trait back at the end of the line. All seven trays affordable, each with four compartments to separate your pills by the time of day. When you pull out the tray you need for the current day from the bottom, the next tray of pills slides down into place. Pull out the tray for Monday as you head into the office and Tuesday will simply fall down ready for you the next morning.

As you come back, refill Monday’s tray with the next week of pills and place it on top so that in seven days it will be at the bottom ready for you to use.

Compact Pill Organizer

Good for Lots of People and Perfect On the Go Pill Organizer

Compact Pill Organizer is a very useful organizer not just for older people who need to take a lot of medication multiple times per day. Additionally it can be used for younger athletes or fitness fanatics who have to take multiple pills or supplements during the day. People who might wake up and take a magnesium supplement to help with their heart and then take a melatonin supplement anything to help sleep better can use an organizational container like this one.

Each tray is removable so you never leave your pills behind or have to carry the daily trays which include all seven days of the week. You just remove and carry the corresponding tray-of-the-day with you and your good to go, which eliminates the guesswork and confusion out of taking medicine.

Compact Pill Organizer

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