Drink Bangle Keeps Things Discreet

This drink bangle will hold your spirits in a discreet manner. Wear it as an accessory for a night on the town, with a little secret stashed inside.

Drink Bangle Fits Right On Your Wrist

The fit of this drink bangle is perfect with an inner diameter of 69 mm and an outer diameter of 100 mm. The design looks like a chic wrist bracelet, within which you can store up to 100 ml of liquid.

Bangle 1

Use the included funnel to load your spirits into the bangle, and sip discreetly while at a bar or club. A simple twist cap is easy to screw on and off.

With this bangle you can save money at bars and clubs, while looking uniquely fashionable. Fashioned from a sleek stainless steel that is easy to maintain.

This drink bangle comes in four different colors and will accompany you anywhere. Sip directly from the opening or pour into cups for a little extra kick to your day.

$39.99 $19.99

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