The Morsel Spork  is part spoon, part fork, part spatula, resulting in the world’s first… Sporkatula? Foonula? We couldn’t decide, so we decided to call it Morsel.

The Morsel Spork is going viral on social media right now!

The inventor of the Morsel Spork  wanted to design a better utensil that solved all the shortcomings we saw in conventional sporks and camping utensils. And after a year of serious “sporking”, it’s safe to say they succeeded!


Eating should never be the crux of an adventure, Morsel Spork’s goal is to make eating just a little bit easier, no matter what you’re eating out of. Made from a flexible rubber to accommodate any eating situation!

The Morsel Spork is a MUST have for anyone who travels a lot, especially those outdoor enthusiasts!

The Morsel Spork allows you to scrape every last bit of food, every single time. More food in your stomach, less cleaning, and less waste!


The Morsel Sporks long length is perfect for scraping every last bit of food from your mountain house meal without getting your hands dirty!


The Morsel Spork is designed to be more versatile and useful than other utensils. Simply put, it’s designed to work better. So what are you waiting for, if you’re always in the outdoors or always on the road traveling, you need to get this!



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