Prescription Coffee Mug

Treat your symptoms with the best medicine ever – COFFEE! Brew your coffee and follow the hilarious prescription to stay awake until you need another prescription!

So next time you need your energy booster or favorite stress reliever, fill this unique coffee mug and sip. Follow the well written prescription and leave all your troubles behind.

Awesome Gag Gift for your Office Buddy, Medical Practitioners or Anyone Who Needs Coffee

Have some for your office-mates, this Prescription Coffee Mug will surely bring some laughs to the office. Coffee dependent persons may find it compelling to try drinking coffee based on the prescription provided! Doctors and nurses will find that this prescription coffee cup is the most unique gift that they’ve ever received.

Get this prescription coffee mug for anyone who loves a caffeine boost! This mug is a great conversation starter. Refill the coffee as your conversation goes by!

Prescription Coffee Mug

Large Capacity, Comfortable Handle and Long Lasting Design

Made of premium ceramic, this prescription coffee mug has a smooth texture and well-polished. The imprinted design creates a vibrant color that will last for a long time!

The diameter of this prescription mug is 3.3″ and the height is 4.3″. You can fill it up to 13.5oz and hold the prescription mug firmly with its large comfortable grip handle.

Prescription Coffee Mug

$39.99 $19.99

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