EcoQube Frame: BEST Vertical Garden For Growing 10x More Nutritious Vegetables

EcoQube Frame is the best vertical garden for growing 10x more nutritious vegetables.  It’s unique design lets you grow indoors without all the hassle or mess.

It’s the perfect bio home project that can help you grow scrumptious vegetables that will keep you eating organic and healthy.  It was perfectly designed to grown indoors and give a cool hip look to your place.

ecoqube frame vertical garden places to grow it

The first question you might have is, how does the EcoQube Frame work?

It took months of engineering for this device to work properly.  It was hard to find a working solution to keep the plants watered, vertical and fast growing.

It uses a water reservoir that has water traveling upwards towards the seeds which is a perfect environment for germination. Once you’ve set the water source, you’ll be able to attach the seed pads which will grow in days.
ecoqube frame vertical garden how it works

ecoqube frame vertical garden bedside setup

ecoqube frame vertical garden bedside setup 2

Growing indoors makes the EcoQube Frame the perfect decoration and personal garden

The EcoQube Frame can really go anywhere in your home.  It can even hang on walls which gives your home or room a cool and hip look.

Next to your bedside is a great place to put it for fresh oxygen.  You can also put it as a center piece for your kitchen, it really is a beautiful companion.
ecoqube frame vertical garden bedside

ecoqube frame vertical garden featured

The growing process is extremely fast.  In less than 10 days, you’ll start seeing some growth and could possible be enjoying the delicious microveggies that are grown.

ecoqube frame vertical garden growing



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