Outdoor Teak Shower

Cool down with a quick outdoor shower or simply rinse of after your next soak in the pool. This Outdoor Teak Shower features a multitude of design and engineering feats. Outdoor Teak Shower redefines convenience with this all-new concept in outdoor showers.

Imagine yourself as you laze in the hot summer sun of Sicily’s Mondello Beach. You take a refreshing plunge into cool clear blue Mediterranean waters and all is right with the world. Now you can capture that same feeling any time with the Outdoor Teak Shower, the latest innovation and cutting-edge modern design.

Elegant Weight Activated Teak Platform Design

The Outdoor Teak Shower is made from smooth, elegant and strong natural teak wood slats with built-in, weight activated, nearly invisible stainless shower bars. Just step into it and it will send fountain-like sprays from the tip of your toes to the top of your head.

The water spray is also adjustable with a hands-free toe-control wheel. You can adjust the water height from 4ft to 12ft with its cleverly placed easy wheel toe-control.

Outdoor Teak Shower

Outdoor Teak Shower Requires No Plumbing Installation

The Outdoor Teak Shower is totally portable and no expensive plumbing installations required. No need for pipes and faucets. Simply place this completely self-contained shower almost anywhere and connect to a standard garden hose and enjoy your fun outdoor water activity.

Enjoy a sparkling shower before or after a dip in the pool or spa; or a refreshing rinse to continue your backyard sunning on those hot summer days.

Outdoor Teak Shower


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