PrintBrush – The Magic Wand for Printing

I’m a pretty crafty person. Almost all my stuff is personalized, but it can get pretty tiresome at times. Customizing with unique prints means having to print designs on transfer paper, ironing it onto surfaces, and more. In the end, the transfer paper is thrown away, which seems wasteful. If only there was a way to print directly onto these objects… But that’s exactly what PrintBrush is for!

Imagine a printer that can fit in the palm of your hand. The PrintBrush is a wireless color inkect printer for smartphones that produces full color printing at 600 dpi. The product uses PrintDreams’ RMPT™ technology. Under development for 20 years, it puts printing at your fingertips if you are a smartphone user.  With it, you can go mobile AND paperless. Sounds like magic, right? This handy printer makes use of the best magic of all – TECHNOLOGY.

Print on any surface with PrintBrush

You can now use any material as print media. It can be paper, fabric, walls, metal, wood, or cardboard. Unlike ordinary printers, you aren’t limited by media thickness or size. The sky is the limit!

This way, you can print anything, from custom information to custom patterns, on any surface at all.  Just make simple sweeping actions from left to right directly on top of the the surface you want to print on. Voila, you have the perfect imprint.

printbrush 2

Use PrintBrush with the latest tech

So how does this mobile device print your designs? You can connect to a laptop via USB. Once connected, you’ll be able to transfer and store 4 image files for printing.

If you don’t like wires, don’t worry. Just connect your smartphone to the printer using WiFi. Use the PrintBrush app to upload and customize your designs, manage the device, and so on. Plus, you also get to track the ink and battery level of the printer at all times.

printbrush app

PrintBrush is portable and convenient

You’re probably familiar with how bulky ordinary printers are. Could you believe that the PrintBrush is as small as a computer mouse and as light as an average smartphone? It also runs on only 2 watts of power, making it a lot more efficient. With such a small device, you can even make up to 5000 imprints.

Change the way you print with the versatile PrintBrush. Print on anything, anywhere.

printbrush unboxed

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