Marshall Amplification Jack Rack

How many times have you come home from work, thrown your keys on the counter, only to never see them again? Chances are this has happened a few times. Sometimes it’s nice just to come home and stick your keys into something so that you know exactly where they are when you leave the house again.

This unique key holder looks just like a Marshall guitar amplifier and uses a a guitar cable jack that attaches to your keys as a key-chain to plug into the amp. It’s the perfect gift idea for guitar enthusiasts, musicians, or music lovers!

Hang Your Keys Like a Rockstar!

To use the Marshall Amplification Jack Rack is easy, just attach one of the guitar plug key-chains to your keys, and when you come home, just insert the key-chain into the amplifier like a true rock star would. It’s made to look just like a real Marshall Amplifier, with all of the cool details that the real thing would have. Even the key-chains are made from the same material as a cord jack.

Marshall Amplification Jack Rack

Hang Up To 4 Keys At A Time

The Marshall Amplification Jack Rack is of course not an actual working amplifier so don’t get your hopes up of it playing any tunes. It comes with four jack plugin key-chains, and has 4 open holes on the front of the amp to hold 4 separate sets of keys.

The Marshall Amplification Jack Rack is strong, sturdy, and incredibly durable. It can easily support the weight of 4 sets of keys with more weight than you would ever need on a set of keys.

Marshall Amplification Jack Rack

Attention To Detail, Neat and Easy Installation

The Marshall Jack Rack uses the highest quality amplifier parts to ensure that you can hang your keys for years to come. Each guitar plug keychain is laser etched with the stylized Marshall M logo, giving you an awesome conversation piece when your friends and family see your keys. Not only is it great for hanging your keys with, but makes a statement and shows your love for music.

The Marshall Jack Rack easily mounts onto your wall using screws or adhesive strips. It comes with a hidden wall mounting bracket and hardware that makes installation a breeze, but you can use any two sided adhesive strips to mount it to your wall incase you don’t wish to make holes in your wall. You’ll have your keys hanging in under 5 minutes!

If you’re a band member, musician, or music lover that often-times loses their keys, this fun wall mounted key holder that looks just like a Marshall amplifier might be for you.

Marshall Amplification Jack Rack



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